Consisting of six 11x17” risograph prints mounted on a custom-made clipboard, Speculative Geologies: Future Rock + Mineral Studies features 138 individual proposals for geological matter. From folklore and superstition to organized religion and spirituality, magic’s divine power can often be harnessed through the use of rock and minerals- crystals, hag stones, pi stones, and chumpi-khuyas to name a few. This elevated use of material stands in stark contrast to Western culture’s history of exploitation and extraction of natural resources.

Contemplating the rare earth minerals that generate the “magic” of our smartphones, each proposed specimen is associated with an attribute or action that results from our relationship with digital devices.

Using 3D modeling, we are developing an ongoing catalog of imagined matter that ponders the Wild, the Virtual, and the Unthought. As we continue to build this archive, we are excited to have this opportunity to work with Lucky Risograph to see this inherently digital work translated into an analog form more reminiscent of a natural history museum.