Named after a fictive academic course, Introduction to Geochromatic Studies is an open-ended inquiry unpacking the nature of research. Investigating color in science, pseudo-science, and the spiritual, the class explores both rational and irrational applications. The assessable outcome is a series of improvisational compositions on handmade paper. Using Dieu Donné’s community paper making studio, images of books about color theory, aesthetics, optics, and poetry culled from local academic institutions are collaged with collected geological detritus from various sites. In addition to collage, bars of linen pulp paint have been applied through stencils as a kind of provisional color key.  Arranging these disparate artifacts and sources becomes a metaphor for interdisciplinary study, wherein students gain proficiency in the historic and contemporary concepts of Geochromatics.

The images represent a selection from Introduction to Geochromatic Studies, a series that utilizes collaged digital and risographic prints and linen pulp paint on handmade cotton paper. All works are 20" x 16" unless otherwise noted and made in 2019.